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the Nationals are continuing to take shape but there is still much to be done  - as always with events like this!  
We have had many offers of help and appreciate them all, there is a list being formed for both the Nationals- Aug 23/24/25 and the club Hasler race -Sept 15th which can be found in our 'club box'. in the boatshed - please add yours/friends/relatives names and what you can/cant do-(this is so that I dont keep asking you!). sandwich makers/runners for results/serving volunteer tea and coffee/etc etc ! 
Please consider that there isnt just the event to run but the setting up and taking down too and many hands will make it easier.
So if you can, do come and help and race as well- div 789races and then in age groups too
if you would like to know anything more do not hesitate in asking me or give me a call/email.
thank you for your continuing support.


Intro to Marathon course is underway, and Tues eve club sessions too.
If you are interested in the course , there is another course running in May/June- call Adventure Dolphin on 01189 843162 to book your place.

Planning for the National Championships continues- more details will be available soon- if you can help then let Vicky Metcalfe know.


Congratulations to all as all club members entered completed the course in high  water levels and in cold and windy conditions.


Steve and David completed the Senior K2 on Sunday morning in 25:55:19 63rd place in a class with 160 starters and only 101 crews finished! - a really tough race!

Peter and Eleanor  won the Junior/Vet class in 20:21:36

Iain Hissett finished 5th in the Senior Singles in 18:26:12

Chris Symonds finished 7th in the Veteran Singles  in 20:14:29

Georgie and Vicky finished 11th in the Endeavour Class in 24:42:29

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