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Some of our members went sprinting!  The regatta was a great success, full for races and excitement with the odd dragon boat race in our breaks, and an exciting k4 v Rowers race! Even with the Wind!
First up was the 200m K1 heats with Simon Up first and he did great qualifying for final D in his first ever sprint regatta. David was up next with his GB flag attached to the back of his boat and also stormed in to qualify for Final D Finally Matt was up and lined up next to Ed Rutherford and several other members of the GB Kayaking team but held his own and managed to qualify for final B.
The Finals, Simon was now racing David, and in an exciting finish Simon was just beaten on the line and finished a fantastic 4th. Dave stormed through to win Final D. Matt then Took on final B and finished 5th
Up next was the k2 200m sprint, In this Matt teamed up with Robin In the first heat Matt and Robin were again against some of the GB squad but stormed to the end to come  5th and Qualifying for the Final to get the chance to race Jon scofield and Lian Heath (Our olympic 200m silver medalists!!!!) Watching them wipe the floor with everyone was quite eye opening especially so close up, so robin and Matt were a little apprehensive as to how they would keep up! So to both mine and Simons excitement we got to watch our family members line up  (Literally) next to some amazing athletes at the top of their game. Within 20m the Olympians had taken over a boat length out of them and the rest of the field but they battled on through the wind and waves and came 5th
This was the end of our teams racing for the day but the rowing v Kayaking battle was to still take place with great anticipation from the crowd they lined up and initially the k4 flew away but the smooth sculls started to catch up and overtook them. It was a great race with some of the GB sprint team doing their best to beat them but it wasn't ment to be maybe next year they will just do it over 200m rather than 500m!

the Nationals are continuing to take shape but there is still much to be done  - as always with events like this!  
We have had many offers of help and appreciate them all, there is a list being formed for both the Nationals- Aug 23/24/25 and the club Hasler race -Sept 15th which can be found in our 'club box'. in the boatshed - please add yours/friends/relatives names and what you can/cant do-(this is so that I dont keep asking you!). sandwich makers/runners for results/serving volunteer tea and coffee/etc etc ! 
Please consider that there isnt just the event to run but the setting up and taking down too and many hands will make it easier.
So if you can, do come and help and race as well- div 789races and then in age groups too
if you would like to know anything more do not hesitate in asking me or give me a call/email.
thank you for your continuing support.


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