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It was WET!!!

Well done to all who went to the canal at Mychett and spent the entire day in the rain!... I did notice that it stopped by the time we went home- typical!..............results and photos are on their website.

Keep a watch on river levels .as it is coming up following the rain ...If it goes to Red boards on our stretch we will need to consider the session on Saturday....please check the club site on Friday for an update.

River levels are shown at   http://riverconditions.environment-agency.gov.uk/


Up and coming challenges for the Winter- see details on club sites and put your entries in..

http://www.b3c.org.uk for Charles Hicks this Sunday- Nov 23rd

http://banburycanoeclub.com/ Ross Warland memorial - Sunday Nov 30th

http://www.stourvalley.cc/stourdecent.php for Stour Descent- Sunday Dec 7th- entries close Nov 28th

If you need a boat - please ask!...support crew is a good idea.

This Winter Keep an eye on river conditions at .....http://riverconditions.environment-agency.gov.uk/

and remember to log your miles paddled between Nov 1st to Feb 28th 2015 - that's anywhere, in any craft for the BCU Winter Club Challenge.
just make a note beside your name in the registration book each time you come down to the centre.

Provisional results at Richmond Canoe Club site

A day to be proud of.... Pangbourne Paddlers raced at the 2014 Hasler Finals ,

Pangbourne Team scored 132 points in the team event , in 12th place
Star of the day is Stephen Leonard for winning a Gold medal in Div 8 K1 and being promoted to Div 6!
Our other juniors did us proud too and we are building a sound base for the continuation of this season's racing next summer.
Thanks to Peter Walker who returned home and prepared a breakdown of Pangbourne's results, as you can see there were some very large fields! Note Alex and Emma Div7 K2 result still awaited!
  Div 5 K1 28/38 CHRIS SYMONDS PAN V 5 01:20:30 2  
  Div6 K1 17/27 SIMON TILBURY-CLARKE PAN J 6 01:22:29 4  
  Div6 K1 22/27 STEVEN MCCLUSKEY PAN V 6 01:24:13 2  
  Div7 K1 9/62 CONOR MACNAB PAN J 7 00:45:18 12 P6
  Div7 K1 21/62 VICKY METCALFE PAN VF 7 00:46:26 2  
  Div8 K1 1/36 STEPHEN LEONARD PAN J 8 00:44:53 20 P6
  Div8 K1 26/36 STEVE FROUD PAN V 8 00:50:33 2  
  U12 Li 35/36 CHARLIE SYMONDS PAN J U12M 00:31:12 6  
  Div4  K2 6/22 IAIN HISSETT PAN S 4 01:07:42 15  
  Div4  K2 6/22 MATT WESTALL PAN S 4 15  
  Div5 K2 7/30 PETER WALKER PAN V 6 01:11:02 14  
  Div5 K2 7/30 ROBIN TILBURY PAN V 5 14  
  Div5 K2 22/30 CATHERINE WALKER PAN JF 5 01:17:32 1  
  Div5 K2 22/30 ALEX BOWYER PAN S 5 1  
  Div6 K2 6/19 GAVIN LUKE PAN V 7 01:16:56 15  
  Div6 K2 6/19 CAROLINE WALKER PAN VF 6 15  
  Div6 K2 18=/19 IAN PALMER PAN V 6 01:23:23 1  
  Div6 K2 18=/19 TIM DUMMET PAN V 7   1  
  Div8 K2 17/19 FAY BUTLER PAN VF 8 00:48:11 1  
  Div8 K2 17/19 HEATHER WALMSLEY PAN VF 8   1  
  Div9 K2 6/14 MOLLY SYMONDS PAN JF 9 00:49:05 15  
  Div9 K2 6/14 JARVIS MACNAB PAN J 9 15  
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