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SPRINTS at Nottingham-results below.

SPRINTS- if you are interested in taking part this summer, you should let Sarah W know asap as you will need to be registered and this takes time.

200M heat
Connor 1:01:98
Steven 1:03:14
Simon 1:07:65

200m Final 1
Connor 1:01:12 8th

Final 2
Stephen 1:00:86 2nd
Simon 1:01:34 3rd

500m Heat
Simon 2:43:42
Connor 2:43:66
Stephen 2:44:41

500m Final 1
Simon 2:43:72 6th 
Connor 2:44:62 8th
Stephen 2:57:70 9th

K2 200m Final
Simon/Stephen 53.20 3rd

K2 500m Final
Simon/Stephen 2:31:63 2nd

Over 44 Men
K2 200m Final
Robin/Sarah 1:07:56 5th

K2 500m Final
Robin/Sarah 2:54:70 6th

Mens D
200M Final
Matt 51:39 5th

500m Final
Matt 2:25:34 2nd (Promoted to Mens C)

K2 500m Final
Matt/Coner 2:13:23 1st

Womens D k1
200m Heat
Ellie 1:08:30



Following a brilliant weekend at the Nottingham Sprint event  our junior boys continue their great efforts and special mention to Simon and Stephen who won div5 K2 , Conor who finished 6th  div5 K1

Tom Street with Peter W  won div 6 K2.
Reading is next weekend.... all entries to Caroline asap.   
ALL ENTRIES and CHANGES have to be done through the TEAM LEADER ONLY- this is new for Reading race.
If you fancy having a go please let us know.
Help with transporting boats can usually be found if this is an issue.
There is also K4 event at Reading the following Sunday May 31st... anyone interested? its great experience.


Details attached here re ..

Sunday May 17th -Basingstoke Canal Hasler

Sunday May 24th - Reading Circuit Hasler- NOTE ALL ENTRIES/alterations to entries THROUGH TEAM LEADER ONLY

Sunday May 31st - Reading K4 - 'fun event

Sunday June 14th -Marlow Sprints

Marathon Entries - Caroline Walker

Sprint enquiries to - Sarah/Matt Westall

This years Elmbridge Regatta is on the 2nd May. The regatta starts at 1pm and the Desborough Channel will be closed to all other river traffic during the 200m and 500m events.

There will be 3km Open K2 (Class 7-9), and Open K1 (Class 1-6) races.

For more information please see the poster attached...

Its over and pleased to report all our paddlers finished !

Congratulations to all;

Mens Singles- 4 day- 67 starters
Matt Westall- 19:59:34 .......17th
Chris Symonds- 20:43:48.... 21st..   4th finish 
Peter Walker - 20:59:17...23rd... sixth finish     
and  3rd placed team of 3xK1

Junior K2-4 day
Simon Tilbury Clark and Conor Macnab- 20:36:26 taking 13th place in a large field
Endeavour- 4 day
Catherine Walker and Alex Bowyer- 21:18:13- Catherine's second finish, Alex's first

Senior Doubles in C2- straight through
Vicky Metcalfe and Liz Murnaghan ( Basingstoke Canal CC)- 26:27:13  4th in C2 class ...1st in Ladies C2..sixth finish for Vicky and fourth for Liz

These are the main classes but if you go tohttp://dwrace.org.uk/results/2015/Results/results.html- there you will find all the subclass results.

Again we need to say that none of this would be possible if it were not for the time given and the energy of all the marshals of the DW race organisation and our support crews... who feed,water, change, miraculously find the thing that you want NOW and still manage to hug you, smile and cheer you on as well as driving around the countryside and being where you expect them to be- or mostly anyway!.


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