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Adventure Dolphin, of which Pangbourne Canoe Club is a part , is holding a general Open Day on Saturday April 2nd to find out more  please go to Adventure Dolphin (Pangbourne) Charity website for more details.

Pangbourne Canoe Club has a 'Come n Try our racing boats'session on Saturday April 29th. ... 10am til 12noon

More details from Vicky Metcalfe via Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 0118 942 8001

The session is free and no previous experience required, but we would like to know that you are coming !, so please contact Vicky- as above.

Open to  anyone aged 8 years upwards.

Bring a change of clothes just in case you get wet.

We look forward to seeing you at The Dolphin Centre, Pangbourne

Last weekend saw the last race in the Waterside series, once again Pangbourne had 10 boats competing in Waterside D, racing from Devizes Wharf to Newbury; 34 miles and 35 portages. Well done to everyone competing, all  crews finished and there were some very good times.

Simon TC and Stephen L.      JMK2 - 5:29:56,   4th /39
Peter W and Mark W             SMK2 - 6:02:05.   14th/39
Tim D and Ian P                   VK2   - 7:27:32
Jim L and RuthS.                  Mixed K2 - 7:40:54
Janet G and Tommy.             Jun/ Vet K2 - 7:07:55
Steve M and Jarvis Mc            Jun/ Vet K2 -  6:08:06  5th /10

Vicky M             Ladies C1.   - 7:47:24
Catherine W     Ladies K1  - 6:24:14  4th /11  - 1st Junior 
Andrea  F          Ladies K1   - 8:24:24
Connor  Mc      Junior  K1-    5:50:09

Individual Series prizes for each class

Stephen and Simon JMK2 - 13:34:41  3rd 
Catherine Walker K1 Junior Ladies  - 16:26:58  1st 
Vicky Metcalfe    C1   - 19:29:41     3rd 

Series Results; PCC had 2 teams entered ;

This result is calculated by adding the  time taken for the fastest 3 boats in each team at each of the 4 races.

Mens Team - Peter & Mark, Stephen & Simon, Connor & Jarvis and Ian &Tim
                                                                   43:02:06  4th / 14

Mixed Team - Ruth & Jim, Janet & Tommy, Steve & Fay, Vicky and Catherine
                                                                   51:33:00  7th / 14

Special thanks to all our support crews and Marshals on the course, and a big thank you to Newbury CC for hosting the event. 



We're well into winter paddling now... bit more water about at present.check that your kit is rght for weather/river conditions.

Waterside Series fast approaching..Feb 19th . with Thamesides 1 and 2in in between race A and B.

Brilliant all.....


Pangbourne was placed 4th on Sunday at Banbury  and our very small lightning team came 4th on the day too!


Congratulations to .....

Conor Div 3 good race

Jarvis 2nd in Div 4 with promotion to Div 3

Simon and Stephen won Div 4 k2 and promoted to Div 3

Peter paddling with Liz from B3C were 3rd in Div 5 K2

Steve and Caroline 6th in Div 5 , Steve is now back in Div 5!! we knew you would be Steve!

Robin and Andy -first race- 4th in Div 7 K2

Owen 5th in Div 7... lives to fight another day in 7!

Vicky and Janet C2 3rd in Div 8 K2

Steve F and David in Div 8 K1 good solid performances

Hannah and Lola first time racing in K2 4th in Div 9

Ollie - first race in Div 9 promoted to Div 8


In Lightnings

Corey 3rd in both singles and doubles

Jensen had strong races in singles and doubles ...their combined results adding up to 68 points towards the lightning trophy... well done chaps!


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