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Sunday 7th Feb saw another successful day for Pangbourne CC at Thameside 1, a 12 mile paddle from Aldermaston Wharf , on the Kennt and Avon canal turning left onto the Thames to finish upstream at Reading Canoe Club.
The canal and river were flowing fast and it was windy, presenting challenging stretches, particularly through Reading town centre and paddling up against the flow in the wind back to Reading CC.
There were 6 K2 crews including Pangbourne paddlers in different classes, well done to all and thanks go to all support crews who followed us down the course......
Senior K2     Peter Walker and Alex Bowyer                   - 1 hr 47 mins -  2nd place
                      Tom Street and Alaistair Street                   - 1 hr 49 mins -  3rd place            
Junior M K2  Stephen Leonard and Simon Tilbury-Clarke -  1 hr 43 mins  - 5th place     
Mixed  K2      Catherine Walker with Charlie Morris (FOX)   - 1 hr 58 mins- both juniors
                        Jim Lemin and Ruth Stacey                                 - 2 hr 24 mins  
Senior C2       Vicky Metcalfe with Liz Murnaghan (BAS)        - 1hr 59 mins - 3rd place
Our thanks to Reading for hosting the event...... details at http://reading-canoe.org.uk/
 Waterside B next Sunday...

> Yesterday saw the start of this years Kennet and Avon canal series, the series used by hundreds of paddlers as training for Devizes to Westminster, held at Easter.
> Absolutely amazing that we have 21 club members paddling for the club-Pangbourne CC/Adventure Dolphin -across this series, brilliant achievement!
> We've named 2 teams of 8 people, Pangbourne A and Pangbourne B for the Team series class and results will be posted on the Waterside home page...www.watersideseries.org.uk as the series progresses.  
There is also a call for help on the days; note AD is a main  contributor to the huge volunteer team that makes these events possible... if you are able to help please contact Bill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Results for Waterside A 
> Class 1. K2 Seniors, 2 crews, Tom Street and Alaistair Street - 2 hrs 13 mins - 7th place
>                                                     Peter Walker and Alex Bowyer - 2 hrs 14 mins - 8th place

> Class 2. K2 Juniors,                 Simon Tilbury-Clarke and Stephen Leonard - 2 hrs 5 mins - 5th place 

> Class 5. K2 Veteran,               Steve McClusky and David Mannering - 2 hrs 26 mins.
>                                                   Claire Hardwick with David Palfrey from Wokingham - 2 hrs 47 mins

> Class 6. K2 Mixed,                  Jim Lemin and Ruth Stacey - 3 hrs 1 min.
>                                                   Catherine Walker paddling with Charlie from Falcon - 2 hrs 21 mins.

> Class 8. K1 Senior,                  Mark Wigglesworth - 2 hrs 16 mins.

> Class 9. K1 Junior,                   Jarvis Macnab, unfortunately retired after a very brave attempt.

> Class 11. K1 Veteran               Jonathan Crabb - 2 hrs 48 mins

> Class 12. C2 Doubles,              Vicky Metcalfe and Janet Gillespie - 2 hrs 36 mins.

> Other club paddlers include Matt Westall, Conor Macnab, Ian Palmer and Tim Dummet

>As you can see there were some excellent results yesterday and  everybody who took part deserves a pat on the back and our thanks go to  the team of marshals and helpers... younger and older... many of whom are Adventure Dolphin members.


Good luck to all members who are paddling tomorrow at Waterside A..... 

Hopefully we are now up and running , after a bit of a rebuild....

News at the moment is that we are waiting for the river to return to sensible levels so that we can continue training at Pangbourne; rather than on the canal.

Entries for Waterside series should be in with Newbury CC.. but entry still possible... and Thamesides  entries are now open.

www.watersideseries.org.uk  Jan 31/Feb 14/Feb 28/March 14        reading-canoe.org.uk/thamesides  Feb 7/Feb 21

If you are in need of a boat/paddle ... check out adverts on Reading CC site as a local place to start.


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