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Pangbourne at the races update … Waterside C

Oh my goodness, what a horrible Easterly head wind it proved to be on Sunday 28 Feb at Waterside C posing quite a challenge for all those who took part.

EVERY ONE of our team deserves a big round of applause, including all the brilliant support crews.

This week’s course took us 23 miles from Pewsey to Newbury,

including 35 portages


There were 6 K2 crews including Pangbourne paddlers and 4 K1's..


Senior K2…Peter Walker and Alex Bowyer       - 4hrs 5mins 46secs 


Junior K2…Stephen Leonard and Simon Tilbury-Clarke -4hrs 14mins


Veteran K2… Steve McCluskey and David Mannering   - 4hrs 25mins


Mixed  K2…Catherine Walker with Charlie Morris(FOX)- 4hrs 26mins

                                            -both junior paddlers

          Jim Lemin and Ruth Stacey               - 6hrs 5mins


Senior K1…Mark Wigglesworth           - 4hrs 5mins 17secs  

                               -fastest Pangbourne time this week


Junior K1…Jarvis Macnab       - 4hrs 30mins an impressive 3rd place


Veteran K1…Tom Street                - 4hrs 13mins

          …Jonathan Crabb            - 5hrs 18mins


Canadian Doubles…Vicky Metcalfe and Janet Gillespie -4hrs 46mins


Our thanks go to Newbury for hosting the event, especially the marshals-many of whom are Pangbourne/Adventure Dolphin members.



........More to come in two weeks at Waterside D..13th March

This weeks course was along the Thames,  Reading  to Longridge Canoe club at Marlow, a distance of 18.5 miles... a bit of the DW course at Easter.

4 K2 crews which included Pangbourne members and a K1 paddled Thameside 2 race yesterday. Challenging conditions are becoming the norm  this winter and yesterday was no exception with the river on red boards and a strong gusty wind, making for a fast race with Keith Moule- CLM- winning the Senior mens K1 class in 1 hr 55mins! 

Well done to all and thanks go to all support crews who followed us down the course......

Veteran K1  Tom Street                                       -  2 hr 27 mins -  3rd Place

Senior K2     Peter Walker and Alex Bowyer      - 2 hr 19 mins  - ( fastest Pangbourne time this week )
Senior Ladies  K2  Vicky Metcalfe with Liz Murnaghan (BAS) - 2 hr 25 mins  -  4th place    

Mixed  K2    Catherine Walker with Charlie Morris (FOX)   - 2hr 34 mins- both junior paddlers
Jim Lemin and Ruth Stacey                                  - 3hr 19 mins   

Our thanks to Reading CC for organising the event.
....................More to come next week at Waterside C

Once again ... the club session will be affected by River conditions.

Meet at 9am to leave by 9.30 am to go to the canal.

any problems please contact Vicky: 07752 888309

Yesterday saw yet another change in conditions for our paddlers, colder than previous weeks with a strong flow on the canal making Waterside B, an out and back race from Newbury to Aldermaston,  quite a challenge. Despite this we had another successful day for the club.

This week there were 7 K2 crews and 3 K1 in different classes;  hats off to all  who paddled and grateful thanks to all our support crews, 
Class 1      Senior K2   Tom Street and Alaistair Street   - 2 hr 48 mins -  9th place
                                       Peter Walker and Alex Boywer     -  2 hr 49 mins - 11th 
                                       ( finishing the other way around yet again ! )
Class 2      Junior  K2  Stephen Leonard and Simon Tilbury-Clarke -  2 hr 44 mins  - 5th place
                                      ( fastest Pangbourne time again well done lads )
Class 5      Veteran K2 Steve McCluskey and David Mannering -  3 hr 15 mins
                                        Ian Palmer and Tim Dummet                    -  3 hr 27 mins
Class 6      Mixed K2   Catherine Walker with Charlie Morris (FOX)  - 3 hr 06 mins
Class 8      Senior K1  Mark Wigglesworth   -  2 hr 55 mins
Class 9      Junior K1  Jarvis Macnab              -  3 hr 13 mins
                                     Unfortunately due  to illness Conor Macnab retired.
Class 12    C2              Vicky Metcalfe and Janet Gillespie  -  3hr 17 mins -  7th place
Huge thanks  to Newbury CC for organising another brilliant race, made all the better by the volunteer helpers, including many members of Adventure Dolphin/ Pangbourne CC.        Results / info at www.watersideseries.org.uk


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