Watereside C



Pangbourne at the races update … Waterside C

Oh my goodness, what a horrible Easterly head wind it proved to be on Sunday 28 Feb at Waterside C posing quite a challenge for all those who took part.

EVERY ONE of our team deserves a big round of applause, including all the brilliant support crews.

This week’s course took us 23 miles from Pewsey to Newbury,

including 35 portages


There were 6 K2 crews including Pangbourne paddlers and 4 K1's..


Senior K2…Peter Walker and Alex Bowyer       - 4hrs 5mins 46secs 


Junior K2…Stephen Leonard and Simon Tilbury-Clarke -4hrs 14mins


Veteran K2… Steve McCluskey and David Mannering   - 4hrs 25mins


Mixed  K2…Catherine Walker with Charlie Morris(FOX)- 4hrs 26mins

                                            -both junior paddlers

          Jim Lemin and Ruth Stacey               - 6hrs 5mins


Senior K1…Mark Wigglesworth           - 4hrs 5mins 17secs  

                               -fastest Pangbourne time this week


Junior K1…Jarvis Macnab       - 4hrs 30mins an impressive 3rd place


Veteran K1…Tom Street                - 4hrs 13mins

          …Jonathan Crabb            - 5hrs 18mins


Canadian Doubles…Vicky Metcalfe and Janet Gillespie -4hrs 46mins


Our thanks go to Newbury for hosting the event, especially the marshals-many of whom are Pangbourne/Adventure Dolphin members.



........More to come in two weeks at Waterside D..13th March