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Waterside D

This weekend at Waterside D, the start was very early at Devizes and it was chilly, fortunately the sun came out later and the wind didn't show its face.

This weeks course was 34 miles from Devizes to Newbury, with 35 portages.

There were 7 K2 crews including Pangbourne paddlers and 3 K1's,

Senior K2
Tom Street and Alaistair Street -  5hrs 52 mins, 9th place
Peter Walker and Alex Bowyer - 6 hrs 5mins, 11th place.  Series 4th place

Junior K2
Stephen Leonard and Simon Tilbury-Clarke - 6 hrs 27 mins,12th place. Series 5th place

Veteran K2
Steve McCluskey and David Mannering  - 6 hrs 38 mins,10th place, Series 7th place
Tim Dummet and Phil White (Newbury) -  7 hrs 9 mins, 14th place .

Mixed  K2
Catherine Walker with Charlie Morris (FOX)  - 6 hrs 55 mins,13th place.Series 11th place
Jim Lemin and Ruth Stacey - 7 hrs 57 mins,15th place

Senior K1
Mark Wigglesworth - 6 hrs 17 mins,12th place. Series 6th place 

Junior K1
Jarvis Macnab - 7hrs 17 mins, 4th place        

Veteran K1
Jonathan Crabb - 8hrs 25 mins, 15th place

Pangbourne A Team;
Peter, Alex, Mark, Jarvis, Stephen and Simon had a total time recorded of 46 hrs 21 mins and finished in 6th place.

A massive well done to everyone who has paddled with the club for this series and of course great thanks to all support crews;  this year is the best set of results achieved by Pangbourne CC for several years.

Our thanks go to Newbury for hosting the series; and special thanks to all who marshalled;  many of whom are members of Pangbourne/Adventure Dolphin.

Watch this space…. Next up is the  Devizies to Westminster-starting on Friday 25th March. Looks like we'll have 7 Pangbourne crews to follow. Brilliant!!!

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